My Message


Through intense, meaningful keynotes and workshops regarding topics such as self-image, cultural conditioning, and advertisement influence, I deconstruct the hard-wired messages ingrained our DNA that devalue our self-worth and limit us from discovering our true purpose.

My Story

When I was little girl, I wanted to be beautiful and successful like the actresses and models I saw on TV. Little did I know that this pursuit of perfection would almost cost me my life. By age 14, I was classified as a severe anorexic. One day the doctors told me that I would not make it throughout the night. Here's the shorter version of my story of survival... 


When Ms. Quidang teaches everyone excels. She has amazing interpersonal skills. She motivates and inspires girls and boys to do their very best which is difficult since artistic students are not always scientifically inclined and vice-versa.
— Dr. John Bradley, Professor
Brittany has the ability to communicate and relate to a wide range of people. She is a natural leader who is mature beyond her years.
— Herschel Jackson, Dean of Student Life
Brittany Quidang’s story spoke volumes. It made that much more sense that she was passionate about loving your body and yourself. It’s not easy for anyone to love their body. Her story brought tears to my eyes.
— - Valeria Flores, Student